Untuk makluman semua. Actually all is clear in Surah-An-Nisaa’, Al-Maidah.
dari sahabat kepada sahabat se islam…

Look at question 1-5. This is serious.

This kind of marriage is very common in Malaysia. Bila dapat tahu anak
pregnant luar nikah, cepat kahwinkan.

Based on the statement below, the nikah is tak sah. Thus, it consider
zina…Pls. pass to all your muslim
friends…. If it is not too much to find out kesahihan Q2 & Q3… because
many of Muslim actually get their children
marry off once they know that their daughter is carrying an illegitimate
child. A question was asked of the
Imam recently, which raised many other questions. I would like to share
them with you, as they are very important:

Question 1 : What is the correct thing to do when girl become pregnant
outside of marriage?
Answer 1 : She should not marry anyone until the baby is born.

Question 2 : Assuming the father of the child wants to marry her, can he?
Answer 2 : No, he cannot marry her, until the baby is born.

Question 3 : Is the marriage valid if they did marry?
Answer 3 : No, the marriage contract is invalid. A Muslim cannot marry a
pregnant woman, even if he is the biological father.
*perkahwinan tidak sah kerana belum habis eddah*

Question 4 : If they married, what should they do now to correct it?
Answer 4 : They should separate. She should wait for confirm that she is
not pregnant. They can then marry, as
this will be now a legal marriage by Islamic law.
*benar, perkahwinan tersebut (ketika wanita tersebut hamil) tidak sah dan
perlu menikahi semula mengikut hukum*

Question 5 : What if they don’t correct it?
Answer 5 : They will still living in a relationship of Zina as the Marriage

contract is not valid.
* benar, perkahwinan yg tidak sah adalah haram dan hukum ketika “bersama”
suami isteri adalah seperti berzina

Question 6 : What are the rights of the child that was conceived Outside
Answer 6 : According to the scholars, the child is not the father by
Islamic law. Hence, the child cannot
inherit from the rights over the child. The child also has no rights over
the father.
*benar. anak luar nikah tidak mendapat hak yg sama seperti anak yang
halal.malah biological father kepada
anak tersebut tidak boleh mewalikan anaknya walaupun telah menikahi ibu
kepada anak tersebut*

Question 7 : If you say that the father is not the father by Islamic law,
does that mean he cannot be the mahram of his own biological daughter?
Answer 7 : Yes, he cannot be her mahram.

Question 8 : A Muslim man and a Muslim (or Non- Muslim) woman decides to
get married after having lived together, how should they go about it?
Answer 8 : They must separate immediately and the woman must wait for one
menstrual cycle (to prove she is not pregnant), before they can enter into
a Marriage contract.

Question 9 : If I know someone that is in this situation, should I tell
them about what I have learnt or is it none of my business?
Answer 9 : It is your Islamic duty to inform them, so they can rectify
their situation, otherwise all the
children from that relationship will be born outside an Islamic legal

Please do not discard this hand out. This is a very serious matter, so I
urge you to understand it, discuss it
further with a scholar if you are not clear, or do not agree. Inform those
that may be in this situation and
pray that you or your children should never be…